HB Fan Light controller installed

I just wanted to let you all know that I installed my HB F&L controller and it works great.
Last week I imported the device handlers and today I installed the controller. It did not go without a hitch. The HB fan I hooked it to was an older model and did not allow a spot for the controller module so I zip tied it to the mount right at the ceiling. The fan did not have a ball mount it used a flat plate to hang the fan to and used a plate to hold it in place. I could not reuse the plate because it did not allow the wires to come through, so I used a radiator clamp around the base to hold the fan in place. I used the ST app and “added a thing” and turned the fan power on and it paired without a hitch. The fan works with the ST app the remote and ActionTiles. Not Bad, once I got around the obstacles presented to me. The only thing it won’t do is dim the lights, but the fan never did dim the lights, a chain pull would turn on 2 lights and another pull would turn on 4 lights. Thank to KOF for the handlers and the work developing them.

In the battery compartment of the remote there is a dip switch. Move it to D to enable dimming.

I have a temporary setback. Today the fan will only work with the remote and not with the ST app. Any suggestions?

I have a screenshot of live logging when I try to control the fan.

It looks like it is working but nothing happens to the fan.

Do you have a Zigbee repeater in the same room with the fan? If not, add one. The Zigbee module in the HB Fan Controller is pretty weak and needs a repeater very close by to maintain a solid connection to your Hub.

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