Hayward AquaConnect Device Handler

Which attribute are you looking to see? It sounds like some of the states you are interested in aren’t showing in the IDE either… so that would need to get sorted out first before any SmartApp would be able to read that data from the device.

Thanks for the quick reply Joshua. I think I have figured some of my issue out SharpTools wise. Still can’t get it to appear on the device list in the SmartThings app other than as a device connected to the Hub with no location. But that is another issue I have a few other devices (like a Zooz sensor) that are stuck there even though they look fine in the IDE.

But as far as SharpTools attributes, I have realized I am in the same boat that jjhall99 was in further up in this thread. My webscreen shows quite a few other buttons and some are in different areas than shown so I will have to sort that out in teh Handler for myself before trying to add it in SharpTools. It is bringing back some attribute info that matches what I see in the IDE so it is working partially.