Having two garage doors

Can you have two garage doors, but only one opens depending on who comes home or leaves ? I would like for it to use the geo location on the phones and open/close. I purchased the Linear Go Control opener but not sure if I should buy another one before talking to the Experts.

If your two doors currently operate independently from your nonnetworked remote, then, probably, but you will likely need two separate garage door controllers.

If your two doors currently operate in synch each time, then you might have to add an additional door motor.

Once you have it set up so the two doors can be operated independently, then you can certainly have one open for one person arriving home and the other open for the other person.


I have 2 garage doors and have 2 Linear controllers and they work completely independently of each other. As @JDRoberts mentioned, make sure they aren’t synced from a motor perspective.

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In short, yes, as long as the two can operate independently of each other as said above. I believe the Smart Lighting app can do this, at least it can with the MyQ Lite device type. I haven’t seen how the Linear openers work, but even if Smart Lighting can’t do those, I’m sure CoRE can. You would just have two separate rules set up, one that links the first presence to the first door, and another that links the second presence to the second door.

Thanks for the information I will order another one you guys rock …

Chris Costabile

Yes I have that now

Is there a trick on setting up tow Go Control units? I got the first one setup pretty easily but the second unit wont pair with my smart hub even when i have it 2 feet away. I have tried resetting (hitting the sync button 5 times) but can not get it to register. I am unsure whether i have a user issue (me) or a defective Go Control Unit (the second one).

Any help in this area will be much appreciated.


I have two of them and the second one gave me some trouble too I’m trying to remember but if my memory serves me right I reset it all the way just holding the reset button down until it beeps and reconnecting it a couple of times.

Chris Costabile

Also make sure the battery in the open/close sensor is getting a good connection. That was one of my problems .

Chris Costabile

Thanks Chris, did the trick. Cheers.