Having trouble controlling a beamer via smartthings smartapp NODE.js

Good morning folks,

I’m currently working on a project where we want to automate the turning on and off of a beamer (SP-LSP9TFA) via a master pc that is connected to the same network. The idea was to run a local node.js server with a smartthings smartapp that can simply turn the beamer on and off when the command is given (called by another script).
I was trying to use the example app of the NODE.js SDK and also enabled IP remote on the beamer. Since my node.js experience is very small I have a problem understanding how I’m supposed to connect the beamer with the local server to send the commands (on / off). I know the IP address of the beamer and that Port 8001, 8002, 8080, 9110 are open, but how to combine that with the smartapp.js logic to actually get it to work?
Can someone provide me a pointer on how to solve this problem?

I mean it works if you connect the beamer with a smartthingsapp, but we don’t want any extra smartphone usage, just want to turn on the main pc which then tells the beamers to power on.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Any help is appreciated.