Having only issue. most worst system

Motion sensor works some times and does not work some times. when there is motion it is not detecting, if it detects motion it stays there for ever. I have 3 motion sensors.

1st Floor HW - Does not detuct motion
Garage - always says as motion
Living Room - Does nopt detuct motion.

Door and window sensors also same issues. main door is closed but it still says as open.

I never use my main door. but it always says it opened. even back slide door also. it always says open every minute or every hour with out opening, most worst system

most worst service. no chat session. alwaysoffline. no instant supports. i hate that i purchased most unreliable system in the world.

It is useless for security. if you have these kind of issues how can you provide 24/7 monitoring,

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Are you using the ST branded sensors?

yes 2 new gen motion sensors, 1 old gen motion sensor. two multi window door sensors new gen and 1 old window door sensors 1st gen.

How far are the sensors from the hub and is there any walls or anything between them? Have you tried running a z-wave repair?

Z-wave repair is not going to help in this case since most of his sensors are zigbee but sounded like a range issue. Try power off your hub for about 20 minutes with batteries removed. That will help repairing your zigbee mesh. To be sure it’s a range issue. Also move the sensors closer to the hub for testing or relocate your hub to a different location if the power off didn’t help.

most of sensors are in between 25 to 50 ft max. i removed batteries from all the devices. it did not help. i reboted the hub. now it seems to work

i will monitor this for few days.

You may want to add some zigbee power outlets which can help as repeaters.

First gen motion sensor will do this if you plug a micro USB charger into it.

I had to move my V2 hub to the main floor of our large house, using a Wireless Repeater with Ethernet, in order for ST devices to be connected.

I have all my hub in first floor. my two motion sensors are just 6 feet from hub. and other sensor is around 20 to 25 ft. my window and door sensor 1 is 6 ft and other 2 is 8 and 10 ft.

I thinking it might not be range issue. if i reboot my hub it started working, it work all these days and it did not work yesterday.

other issue i have is with out opening any door i getting the notifications all the time for both window and door sensors.

I attached screen below. you can see in midnight it says door open and closed. it is multi sensor. how much vibration does it need to trigger.

It doesn’t take too much for the vibration sensor but it should not report as OPEN, instead it will say something like it was ACTIVE. I’m beginning to think there might be something wrong with your hub. Another possibility might be WiFi interference which can sometimes be problematic if the hub is too close to your router or your WiFi channel overlaps ZigBee channel. Read this article:

my router and hub are next to each other, may be that might be an issue, i will move my hub to other location and see if that helps. or i will change my WIFI channel to 1 or 6 as it does not overlap with zigbee n/w

I moved router upstairs and hub down stairs. Changed wifi channel to 6. Still i am having same issue.

getting door/window open close alerts every time with out triggering. as I said i am having this issue with only 2 multi sensors. one sensor is not multi and it is working fine, not wrong alerts.

I contacted customer care no response.

this system us useless for security.

I’m not sure what else to suggest. The only other thing is that the sensors may be faulty or something is interfering with the signal to them. Try taking them off the window/door and test them right near the hub.

one part of sensor is little low to the magnet. i added some extra stickers back and made it equal to magnet part, hope this might be the issue. but i wonder why it worked all these days and caused issues since 2 weeks with out any changes,