Having issues with Alexa

So recently any time I try to tell Alexa to turn on or off any of my devices she either tells me “that command doesn’t work on that device” or “i cant find a device called …”. When I look in the Alexa app it shows that all my ST devices are offline. I am also using Alexa Helper and all of those have stopped working as well. I have tried removing the Amazon connection and adding it again, but it still shows everything as offline. Any advice?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating.

There was a recent bug in the Amazon/SmartThings integration, but I thought it only affected virtual devices. So that would affect your Alexa helper group, but not physical switches.

That particular problem was fixed this week, so if you do a Discover new devices, it should be OK again.

If you’re still having problems after that, I would get in touch with support@smartthings.com so they can look at it from their side.