Having different user settings?

Having family members on your smart home hub . I would like to have different things happen when different family members arrive or leave home .What I did so far is went to the Smartthings app hit the 3 lines in the top right corner,went to my account ,manage users & add user I sent my wife an invite to her email and accepted it on her phone set-up her username and password ,but now she has all of my automations and if I make a change it changes her phone too .Can you not set-up different users with different lights coming on ect…

As with all things in the SmartThings world there is more than one way to accomplish any given goal.

First things first, anything you set up in SmartThings will be available on any phone you give permission to access your account. There are no permission levels in this environment.

You could use CORE (which I know nothing about really) but it’s a very powerful rule engine that would allow you to set up actions based on who arrives or departs. SmartRules in another option available in the App Store but you can only create one rule for free to create unlimited rules, the app will cost you $10.

Beyond the above you could use routines from within SmartThings to accomplish your goal. Still not a simple solution but it is workable.

There are two different issues here. First, having different people coming and going trigger different events. And second having different people have access to different devices through their phones.

As @philb said, there are different ways to accomplish both of these depending on your exact requirements.

I’m tired right now so other people will have to Cover the details. :sunglasses:

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