Have Plug that turns itself off any ideas?

I have a Z-Wave Plus plug connected using the Generic Z-Wave DHT from SmartThings. This plug turns itself off on its own. I have tried replace to see if it failed, and according to the app it hasn’t failed. What things can I do to get this up again?

only thing i can think of is to make sure its not part of any routine/core piston that is set as a timer of sorts to turn itself off after a certain time…

have you tried to exclude it then include it back again?

Yes I think it is shot. It finds it but the icon turns green but the plug is still off. Another bites the dust.

Couple of q’s. Is this a ST outlet, and are you in the U.K? I have found the uk ones fail to connect properly to the plug. I think it is something to do with the insulators on the live and neutral pins. Try switching the outlet on and pulling plug out slightly to see if it comes on. If this is the problem, not much you can do apart from replace it…

No it is Dragon Tec and in USA

I have 3 Wemo (non-Insight) switches… They exhibited the same behavior as you describe…, and yet, when I had them close to the wifi box they had no issues. [1 Wemo Insight switch has never had any issue)

So I bought a cheap wifi repeater & placed it close to these problem plugs - no more issue!



I did that with my WeMo a long time ago. Now testing Super LAN Connect which is supposed to get rid of WeMo connect.