Have Hue but want Link PAR38 bulbs... do I need to buy Link/Wink hub?

I want to add 2 smart PAR38 bulbs to my home, and the only company I know that makes them is GI Link. I currently have the Hue system in place (just the Friends of Hue, actually, but have A19s and BR30s coming in soon). I’ve read that we can use GE Link bulbs with the Hue app without a Link/Wink hub. The context in which I’ve read that is with “A” bulbs; will my Hue hub work with Link PAR38s as well? How will Hue describe the GE PAR38s in my app? Thanks

The GE link floods can be paired directly to the smartthings hub, you don’t need the link hub, the wink hub, or the hue bridge to use them. They will pair as a generic zigbee dimmer because they have dimming capability. I’m not sure whether they can be paired to the Hue bridge or not, hopefully someone else will know. But you can use them with the smartthings hub as is. :sunglasses:

Although you can pair the bulbs directly to your ST hub, in my experience, I found it much easier to manage them using the Hue hub. The Link bulbs will show up as Hue Lux bulbs in both hubs (regardless of their model), but you can rename them how you like, to easily identify them. For example, I have a PAR38 bulb in the kitchen, above the sink, so when I included the bulb to the Hue hub, I named it “Kitchen Sink”. Then when I connected the bulb to ST via Hue connect, I renamed the bulb in ST (in bulb tile’s preferences) to match the description in the Hue hub (“Kitchen Sink”).