Haswitchplate with smartthings

Hi everybody,

Has anyone tried HASwitchplate with smartthings? I’m curious if it works and the amount of effort it took to get working. It’s clear that it isn’t an off-the-shelf product, and also not designed for Smartthings, so I understand it might not be the easiest to implement. Are there alternatives? I’ve also seen lots of positive reviews for Actiontiles, so I could just purchase a tablet instead. Something about the HASwitchplate looks so clean to me.

It’s using MQTT, So that would be your method of integration. But I like actiontiles a lot better, personally. But it’s a matter of personal taste.

These are all actiontiles:

IMG_1038 IMG_1242

Sharptools is also worth looking at.

With both of these, you can get an inexpensive Wi-Fi phone and put them on that if you want something smaller than a tablet.


If anyone wants to take a swing at this I’d be happy to help in whatever way possible. The HASP project was designed after I switched from ST to Home Assistant and I was missing what Action Tiles brought to the table, so @JDRoberts isn’t mistaken here.

However, I also wanted the project to be easy to build with typical “maker” tools (3d printing and simple through-hole soldering), and for the end result to look like an intentional, “installed” device. It fits well alongside existing Decora or toggle switches and (in my experience) scores pretty high on the SAF factor, particularly for a DIY project.

Everything on the device is powered by MQTT messages, which themselves are wrappers for the command language for the Nextion LCD series of smart displays. I no longer have an ST environment running to test against but would be happy to offer build and development advice wherever possible.

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