Has this Alexa idea already been integrated?

I was just browsing around when I started thinking about using ‘Alexa, give me a full house report’. Then, on command she would go around the house and tell me whether doors/windows are open, lights are on/off, etc. I’ve seen this and I know that’s not a new idea, but how about this scenario?
Me - 'Alexa, give me a full house report’
Alexa - ‘there are 2 doors open…’,
Me - 'pause, which doors are open?'
Alexa - 'front door is open, back door is open’
Me - 'ok, continue/proceed’
Alexa - '…there are 3 windows open, living room lights are on… etc’
Of course, now that I think about it, a full house report can probably just tell you which doors are open or closed to begin with, right?


Yes, there are two different community – created smart apps for Alexa that can do status reports. They have slightly different features. One is AskAlexa and the other is EchoSistant. Both are very popular.

You can find more information about them by looking on the project reports quick browse list for “voice” in the community – created wiki. That should take you to the author threads in the forum. :sunglasses:


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ya, I’m in the process of installing Echosist, (but amazon support is horrible and can’t get past the interaction model.) I just haven’t seen/heard of anyone pausing a report in the middle of it to ask what specific doors/windows are open and then continuing from where they left off.

Also, waiting for the new version of Ask Alexa to be released so I can install it also.

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That specific question would be one to ask the authors of those two projects. They’ve definitely built the most sophisticated Alexa interactions so far. :sunglasses:

well, I’m no where near needing that. I only have a Harmony Hub and Iris garage controller as of now (the reason I want the updated interactions, so I can use alexa to open the garage. So that’s WAY down the line for me, but thought others may find it handy if it’s not available already. I’ll try to remember to bring that up net time I’m talking to one of them. :slight_smile:


EchoSistant can currently help Alexa go around the house and check for various devices you have set in a report to be checked. The upcoming version will rely on RemindR to provide custom ad-hoc reporting. You can try reporting now, while waiting to sort things out with Amazon, by installing RemindR and build your reports. You can deliver them via text (on any phone) or audio (via connected speakers) - among other output methods.

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You can use Alexa to open the garage already, just use the IFTTT trigger format.

“Alexa trigger open garage” Will work. In fact “Alexa trigger { any custom phrase you want}” Will work.

The key is to create an IFTTT applet using Alexa as the “if” and the smartthings channel/service as the “that.”

It can’t tell you if the door is open or closed, but you can certainly use voice to have the door open on request.

The trick Is that while echo itself only recognizes switches, dimmers, and thermostats, you’re not using the garage door as a device on echo’s Smart home list. Instead, you’re just using echo to send an instruction to IFTTT, and that can get you to any device which is exposed through the SmartThings IFTTT list.

It’s not natural language, and you would need two applets, one to open and one to close if you want to do both, but it’s fast and easy to set up. :sunglasses:

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very true, I did that before to turn the TV’s on and off. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that before. (Duh!) I’ll have to do that while I get these other things sorted out. Thanks for the reminder.

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I can’t seem to find that garage door activity in the ifttt app.

Your garage door controller device should show up in the list of devices in the SmartThings IFTTT service. So when you select smartthings as the “that”. Then you should get the list of smartthings-controlled devices to choose from.

If the device isn’t showing up there, you probably didn’t authorize it yet from the SmartThings side.


ok, I followed all the steps and hooked everything up. when I got home, it didn’t seem to do anything when I tried to close it, but when I tried to open it (it was already open) I heard a slight click like it wanted to do something. I check the device in my ST app earlier today and it said “opening”. That was before I started doing all this btw. No idea what happened,. I uninstalled it out of everything including ST but I can’t reinstall it without taking it back down off the garage opener. (a project for later I guess) BUT, what do you think would have caused it to do that in the first place? I didn’t get a reading of “open” or Closed", just “opening”. even after using the normal garage button and to close and open it back up.

The new version will be released tomorrow. I can help you get through the interaction issue…that is rather easy. However the “stop” “start” thing is a bit more difficult to do…the issue is that information has to first be gathered from Smartthings then passed to Amazon to speak. By the time you say “stop” the full text has already been delivered to Amazon. However, you are correct that Ask Alexa can tell you what is open or closed from one report. And a feature I am adding tomorrow will help with voice reports…stay tuned.

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Tonorrow? Just in time for the weekend?! Yes! Lol

Although, I’m not sure getting past the interaction model will be as easy as you may think. Every time i click “next” it just says “please wait while this Alexa skill is developed…”. For ever and ever.

I just tried it on a different computer and it worked just fine. hmmm…

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Yep. Just need to clear your cache and your cookies on your browser or use a different browser. Simple as that.


Ah! Wish i would’ve known that days ago. I might have had this thing up and going by now. Lol
Thank you though. I’m keep that in mind for next time.

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Sorry…only saw this thread today or I would have jumped in…It has been discussed many times around my thread.

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ugh!!! How in the world did I not remember that… Good catch @MichaelS


Gotta step up your game @bamarayne! J/k :grinning: