Has SmartThings support gone on strike?

I’ve been trying to reach SmartThings Support for days. No one picks up. Did everyone quit? Anyone else having the same problem?

I think they are a division of the US Federal Government.


I’m going on 3 weeks now without any reply to a couple tickets.

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Again… that’s pretty closely aligned with the government shutdown.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. SmartThings is obviously a component of the shadow government and new world order. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk:


LOL. So I decided to ask for another update on my ticket on why the new app won’t sync with Classic, and here’s what I just discovered:


I guess the update was for ST to close the ticket? Come on guys! I’ll reopen this once again…

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They did mention they were slightly short staff due to preparations for and during CES.


I hate that CES is first week of January because there’s bound to be a post-Holiday surge in support requirements.

But neither the holidays, nor CES, are a surprise. SmartThings literally has known about these events for over 5 years…

Still not as bad as Samsung support through the new app. Submitted a ticket on December 5th, got my first replay yesterday and they misidentified the device. And then there is no way to reply to the rep. Clicking the add question link in the email creates a new ticket.

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That’s ridiculous that they blame CES. It’s not as though any of the support people would be attending CES!


But it is an excuse that most consumers wouldn’t even think to question.

Support has slowed down for one reason, to save Samsung money on support staff resources. They know the platform is going through a major change right now. Instead of allocating additional resources to deal with it, they’re simply hoping that people with minor problems simply shut up, while those with major issues move to another ecosystem.


I waited for over 2 weeks for a reply from support, though it was over the holidays.

Did you call? I called this morning & they were able to.help me…

It was a real pita going through all the steps but they were helpful. If you didnt call. Call

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I’ve had 2 tickets in for >6 weeks; and when I called, they had to escalate, and on Saturday, despite advertising that they are open, I was on hold for >45 minutes with no movement on my call.

I know the hold times are long but mine was pretty quick. I would suggest calling when yey open…9am.