Has anyone else had quality issues with zooz switches?

The paddle switches I ordered were fine. Ordered 4 toggle switches and just went to install them. The ground terminal plate doesn’t line up with the hole for the wire so I ended up having to loop the wire around the screw. Inconvenient, but not worth returning. Then I get everything wired up and paired with the hub…I go to put the faceplate on and the top screw hole for each switch is threaded incorrectly. Can’t get either one to thread. I’m about to open the other 2 I have and see if they’re the same.

Edit: After looking closer…even if they would threaded, there’s a piece of metal that I assume is the ground terminal plate in the way of it actually going all the way in.

I would contact their customer support. They are very helpful.

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I did. Was just curious if this was a common problem since it was the same issue on both switches

i’ve never had issues with mine

Mine installed as they should also.

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Pictures? Can’t really follow the issue…

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