Harmony ultimate with smartthings. Confused...do I need their extender?

Don’t kill me. I searched buy didn’t find what I was looking for. I am abt to get the ST new hub after waiting forever for the latest version. I have a harmony ultimate but do NOT have the 100 dollar hub extender. If I have smart things, do I still need the extender from logitech? I ask because when my buddy was in town last week he told me he’s controlling his lights with ST and I also noticed when I go into “add device” if I had a ST account I could log in. He also does not have the zigbee/zwave extender so I’m trying to see if and why I would need that additional 100 hub. Is it for people without ST trying to control stuff?

I have the old smartthings hub and the harmony ultimate and they work together without the extender. The extenders are for added range, but most ZigBee and Zwave devices create a mesh network where they repeat the signal to other devices. So, unless you put the hubs on one side of the house and all your controlled devices are only on the far end of the house, you should not need the extenders.

I don’t mean extenders to enhance the signal, I mean the actual harmony home extender unit sold separately to stack on top of the existing harmony hub.

No you don’t need one, just go to Harmony set up and under add devices, you should be able to add ST

Harmony extender is a device that integrates zigbee and zwave devices into Harmony regular hub, for those who don’t have or don’t want to use ST.

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Go to your phone app, then set up, add/edit devices and activities, then select devices, then on the bottom select add device, then open Home Control. A list like in the picture below will have Smartthings listed, click on it to authorize ST.

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Thanks bobby…thats what I finally realized after months of not paying too much attention because I thought I needed both. Gonna order my hub and get a few switches and get my GE bulbs off wink and get myself fully integrated! THX!

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Yea but… I have the original harmony hub and it is not compatible with ST which means I believe I need to get the extender for this hub to actually work with ST. Is anyone else in this situation? And if you are, do you have any experience with using the extender? I am trying to decide whether to buy the extender or just buy a new current generation harmony hub. I love these remotes and my wife does too and they work like magic for controlling our TV and devices, so it would be great to add this to our ST network too. I tried over and over again to connect the old hub but it just isn’t compatible. I guess that is the price one pays for being an early adopter geek guy.

EDIT… I called Logitech and they walked me through how to upgrade my firmware so that it works with ST. So I am now up and running without any new hardware purchase. Yahoo!

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one more thing… in the new app, this screen is found under the marketplace tab (bottom right icon), then Entertainment, Remotes & Buttons, Logitech, Logitech Harmony Home Hub

Took me forever to find it…

As Bobby said, the extender would be instead of SmartThings. Both are Zigbee coordinators, and a sensor, for example,can only report to one.

The Harmony “hub” is the piece you need for Harmony to work with SmartThings. But if your remote is older, it’s likely that it needs a firmware upgrade from Logitech in order to work with the harmony hub.

I know it seems weird because we’re saying that the harmony hub works with the SmartThings hub where the harmony “hub extender” does not and it doesn’t seem like you would need two hubs. But you do. The two companies just use the word “Hub” differently.

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Thanks JD… yea, that is what I finally figured out.

Right now I have bigger fish to fry… my entire system is not responding to my mobile app. I have no clue why…

I have a non “Home” Harmony Ultimate remote and Hub. I have updated the hub to the most recent firmware version confirmed by Logitech but I cannot get this hub to pull into Smartthings v2 hub/app. I have other Home hubs connected but not this one. Do you mind elaborating a little bit on how you were able to bring in your Non-Home Harmony hub into Smartthings v2 please?


Pic 2

There is currently an issue with pulling new hubs into ST. @thegilbertchan can enlighten on further. It drives me nuts(no offense)that’s there’s known issues littered through out the ST platform, and there is no listing of them anywhere and community users have to end up searching and opening tickets. I am wondering if @jody.albritton or @slagle can perhaps have a section on here for confirmed known issues and their status. This would really help out a lot of folks.

I am currently aware of issues with Harmony, Sonos, SMH, Mobile Bug Mode Status display in IOS.

I just added it using the Harmony smartapp tucked under marketplace // entertainment // remotes & buttons // Logitech

The only option there is Logitech Harmony Home Hub

Select that and it walks you through the options. Once I had the firmware updated adding it worked like a charm. I have been using it in recipes for a few months now without any problems.

We have a listing of known issues in the community-created wiki. Feel free to add more using the template for that category. The Harmony and Sonos issues are already listed.


Thanks! I would love the contribute and just requested an account.

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Hey guys, im going nuts here, i dont have ST hub when trying to add it from harmony app on ios on latest hub firmware…any ideas?