Hi I’ve had harmony integrated with smartthings for quite some time now with zero problems but over the last few days my harmony hub is showing up as unavailable in the smartthings app quite often does anybody know why this would be? Thanks.

Suggest turning Device Health off in your app and the unavailable message won’t appear and it will likely still function just fine. Mine did that a couple times when Device Health turned itself on. When I turned it off the Harmony functioned as it should.

Yea that seems to have done the trick :+1: Thankyou.

I don’t think that this is a good solution because I don’t want device health turned off globally. I too have had a lot of issues with it showing as unavailable. I uninstalled the devices and reinstalled them but have the same issue.

I want device health left on. What has changed recently to cause this issue?

Search the forum. Device Health causes more problems than it prevents.


Not only doesn’t Device Health work as it was intended, it probably causes the very issues it’s intended to notify you about. You really don’t want it running until (if?) they fix it.

My two hubs did that about 1 hour ago and then both disappeared. Funny thing is that activities still show up with proper status. Going to the setup of Logitech Harmony only yields a spinning wheel that never stops.
I bet that this is NOT related to Device Health.