Harmony remote question

I’m a bit confused on how the Harmony remote works with smartthings. Can Smartthings trigger the remote to do thing?. Example I put Smartthings in night mode it turns off all my lights and locks the doors, can it use the harmony remote to turn off the TV? (with discrete codes of course)… Guess I’m asking does Smartthing talk to harmony or is it just harmony talking to Smartthing?

Yeah I’d like to know this too. I could see setting up an “entertaining” or “party” mode that sets the lighting in my house, then tells Harmony to turn on my sound system and play Pandora.

Yes, in theory all that can be done. However for me, I just removed and re installed everything and I still can’t get a Smartthings action to execute a Harmon action. The exception is PowerOff action which is there by default. It power off all currently on media devices which is nice. I have that set to execute via virtual switch on Good Bye or Good Night for example.

Within Smartthings I can see all the Harmony remote actions that I setup: “Watch Dish TV” which turns on DVR and TV. “Watch a Movie” which turns on TV, AVR, Blue-ray/VOD player and turns off some lights and increases Ecobee Thermostat temp. However, when I setup one of those Harmony Actions to execute via smartapp on a virtual switch, nothing happens. Only the Harmony Power off action works for me. I thought it worked at first install a few weeks back, but yesterday I went through the long process of starting from scratch and still only PowerOff actually works.

Within the Harmony remote you can control whatever Smartthings Things you authorized. Lights, locks etc. You can also assign them to a Harmony remote action. Like above when I execute Watch a movie, some wall lights go off and thermostat set a bit warmer than usual.

By the way, if I use the default Ecobee thermostat device type Harmony can not control thermostat. If I use Yves’s custom device type then I can authorize the thermostat as a temp sensor or humidity sensor at setup. Doing that allows me to control the thermostat from the remote even though I did not have a “Thermostat” device option to authorize. I am guessing this bug may be the reason my Harmony Actions are not executing from Smartthings. Next time I troubleshoot this problem I will remove the thermostat sensors from the Harmony authorization to see if that un-breaks Harmony actions from Smartthings. Nobody else has reported this problem from what I can see.

Thanks for the reply. It appears that the harmony remote integration is buggy like the Sonos integration. Let’s us know if you get things working