Harmony not working

(Andrew) #1


new user just googling aroun this site, so far i Have got a bunch of things working/connectieced

My harmony HUB does not seem to be working its connected, I was able to send the on to watch TV and it turned on, but i can not turn off from ST or from google assistant

i can se in the log the google sends the command

(Andrew) #2

anybody? still having this issue, remote works fine, but not working from the ST or via google

(Chris) #3

How are you sending the off command? What state are the activity switches when you send the off command?

(Andrew) #4

it only works if i press the all off or force off from the ST app I have yet to get “on” to work unless i open the app and the smartapp and press it on there (not the things but the in the smartapp area) and even that only worked one time