Harmony Issue

Hey guys, I’ve been having no problem with my Harmony integration until last night. I created two more activites and went into SmartThings to add them and when I hit the Harmony smartapp it just sits there and circles and then does nothing. So I tried to add them into IFTTT for a hack job and I also am having issues adding them into IFTTT.

Any ideas and or solutions?

Start w/the basics if you haven’t yet:

Reboot phone, router, & hub, clear cache on Harmony app (Settings>Apps>Harmony>Storage>Clear Cache) also might help.

Also could just be a try again later issue…

Un-install the Harmony smartApp and try again. You can force it from the IDE.

If you are having issues with 2 different integrations (ST and IFTT) then something may be up with your Harmony account. I had an issues after I renamed one of my Harmony hubs. I don’t recall what I did to fix it.