Harmony Hub, wrong device type

I’ve connected smartthings and harmony but device type are wrongs, how can I fix them? Harmony recognize some my switches as wall plug, not light as should be, and group them wrongly. How can I change the device “recognition” type?

It’s done in the Harmony app.

uhm seems is not possibile to change the type there… can you suggest what should I do?

No. That’s where it’s done. When Smart Things is added you get a list of devices and you can assign them to a correct type via the Harmony mobile app.

EDIT: You can go back into the Harmony mobile app under Smart Things and assign the device types after the fact.

Genius! Works!!!

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Is there a solution to add a new category? Like blinds? I can move devices from recognized categories (from lights to plugs in my case) but I don’t know how to add a new category like blinds (actually recognized as dimmer)