Harmony Hub UK Integration


I’ve been using Harmony activities within ST for a while now so I’m wondering what the trigger app does that I can’t already do with just the connect app? I use the status of Harmony activities as conditions in various apps and can start/stop activities using apps like Smartlighting and RM.

What have I been missing out on?

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I see that in the UK harmony still offers two different versions of their hub, while in the US there is now only one.

Can you find out exactly which UK model numbers will work with SmartThings?

In the US, originally only one of the two did, then both did, then Harmony just combined the two and only sold one model.

In the UK, they are still selling two.

It Is my understanding that there are two versions of the harmony hub, the harmony hub and the the harmony ultimate Hub.

The harmony ultimate hub is a legacy version that is still available in the UK and once you have completed the Firmware upgrade it will be compatible and offer the same the functionality as the newer hub.

One thing to note is that all our testing in the UK has been done with the newer harmony hub!


Just bought the Ultimate Hub. Works perfect with my Smarthings. The Trigger app seems to function great too. Already built a rule so that my TV, Virgin Media and Amp all turn off if everyone leaves the house.


hi there,

I’m interested in purchasing a harmony hub to control some devices via ir and obviously smartthings. can someone please recommended which model of hub I need to buy in the uk?

also, if it’s not too much hassle, can someone tell me if I’m going to be able to control a Panasonic TV and sky box at one end of a large room as well as a legacy audio amplifier and a squeezebox controller at the opposite end of the room. the hub would have to be placed at either end of the room but I can’t see how it could control devices at the other end (if I’m understanding how the hub works correctly).

thanks in advance.

What you want is doable - However - Not sure on the distance for the IR blaster.

If the distance is fine, then you will be able to get it all set up and working the way you want.

Here’s what I have configured:

Between 6AM -9AM if motion detected in Lounge, trigger the Harmony activity “Morning CBBbies”

Basically if the little one wakes up while me and the wife are still sleeping, it will turn the TV on, Sky Box on, set all the correct inputs and change the channel to CBBies.

Works really well.

Cheers for taking the time to reply.

Controlling the TV and Sky box would be a bonus - turning my Amp and Squeezebox on and off are the priority - do you have any idea which hub I need to get? I can’t really see much difference between the Harmony Universal Hub and the Harmony Ultimate Hub.

I can control my TV via an android app - I wonder if it would be possible to control my TV via the Harmony in the same way? I’m hoping that once I have the Harmony configured, I can then carry out the same tasks with the Amazon Echo…

Thanks again

With the new Logitech Firmware there is no longer any difference between the two hubs.

That’s interesting as one is approx. £40 cheaper than the other. Thanks!

Hi all,

Is this working for you? When I try to add my Harmony Hub to SmartThings it fails after the authentication page.

One thing i observed:
If you have 2 Hubs or 2 Locations the Harmony is not able to see the Smartthings devices.
It will go through all setup pages, authentification etc. But will not find your devices.

After i deleted 2nd location it worked immediately.

I only have one hub and Smartthings consistently fails to find it. I log into Harmony OK and then it sits there saying ‘No Hubs Found’ Why is this so hard?

@Mark_Green have you tired rebooting your Harmony hub? Mine did the same thing until I rebooted, it’s like it goes doormant and can’t be seen.


I’m not sure about that I have 2 hubs and ST sees and controls both. Not sure about 2 locations though.

i had the problem for the other way around. To control the Smartthings devices via Harmony. Thats when i had the issue with 2 hubs.

Rebooted the hub several times now… Really hoped this would work, as I wanted Alexa (UK) to control my AV stuff, and IFTTT doesn’t support Alexa yet (or any time soon, I suspect)

HA is really, really rubbish at interoperability. Imagine if the telecoms industry hadn’t all converged on a standard and stuck to it. “No You can’t call that person, they are on a different system”

As it is I can pretty much rock up anywhere in the world turn my phone on and call any one I know wherever they are, and it just works. (might cost a bit, but it DOES work!) I know, as one who is sent to interesting places for my day job.

One day, maybe HA will be equally universal… As it is even on Smartthings it depends on where you are what actually works. (WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT SMATTERINGS? - Why do you support some stuff in the USA and not in Europe? )


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The list of officially supported devices in the UK is indeed very very short. Were it not for the community support the system would be useless for anything but the most basic setups.