Harmony hub and ActionTiles tablet

I have been a fan of the Harmony One for years but sadly they are like hens teeth to find at a reasonable price. I have an old one and guard it with my life. :slight_smile:
I have been looking at getting the Harmony Elite but it’s just a lot of $$$.
Can anyone confirm if buying just the hub gives you all the funtionality of the full ST integration minus the expensive remote?
I was thinking of just grabbing an unused tablet and creating another ActionTiles page @tgauchat and using that as the remote for Activities and light automations via my WebCore pistons. That would remove one minimote from the equation and solve the integration of ST into the new man cave.
I would also gain casting ability via the teablet as a bonus.


Yes, you only need the Hub. Also, the Harmony App works well on Tablets without the need of ActionTiles. However, AT is still sweet!

You can get a Hub and remote for $50 at BestBuy


Thanks for the confimation.
Sadly, like many non-US ST users, the foreign price of things is usually frightening.
The hub is 129.99 here in Canada! Still better than the whole Elite package at some 310-350.00.

You can control your tv equipment in ST with a 24 buck Broadlink mini, an always on android device running RM Bridge, and some virtual switches, send individual commands, or macros