Harmony Hub - activities OK but?

At one time I used a volume up activity, then had CoRE run the TV activity automatically after it saw the volume activities trigger.

Something like that.

the problem with activities is that Harmony only activates one activity at a time.
So for example if I set a TV volume up activity it turns off other activities.
And you can not call “turn on TV volume up” twice (or more)

I believe, you can set the power options so it will not turn the TV off when switching activities.

Yes you can not call the same activity. I programmed mine so it would volume up twice during each time I activated it.

So for example:
I would tell Alexa (or push button in smartthings) Turn on "make louder"
Harmony would switch to that activity, volume would go up by 2.
Core would see the “make Louder” activity ON.
Immediately switch back to TV activity with no intervention.
If it wasn’t loud enough I would do it again.

This was a while ago, so not sure if it still works? Just know this is what I did. Now Alexa has the ability to change volume so I probably could remove this.

I do not watch / use the TV much. I recently got the hub and really haven’t finished setting it up. (Work and all). My wife uses the TV 90% of the time. She still just grabs the remote. She has issues getting Alexa to do things for her. So she just avoids that route. (Usually operator error, not Alexa itself)


I find with smartthings and all the devices in the IOT world. You have to sometimes get creative and form work arounds to achieve your goal.

The different manufacturers don’t really work together and why should they? So there usually a way you just might have to take the long path vice the obvious one. Then teach yourself new habits to utilize your toys via the new path.

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Thanks. I will try as you suggested.
But I understand that Harmony API supports individual commands (apart from activities)
So it would be easy to make a better integration between ST and Harmony.

how do you do that ?
there is an option to “never turn off tv” and "turn off when not in use"
is there any option to stop turning off between activities ?

I believe it’s the never turn off. I think a power off still turns off the TV.

I won’t be able to look at my harmony stuff for a while. I’m on a loooong string of days where I’m working.

If you look in these threads you’ll find more information, it’s where I found some of the ideas I set up.

Must not be too easy or it would already be done.

Just saying!

I scanned the Harmony public API last night when I saw this thread. Just from a quick scan, that functionality was not listed as being exposed. The only functionality I saw in the API was what ST currently is capable of doing.

So, you’re probably right in that it’s not that easy.

thanks for all the answers.

actually the best choice for me isthe new Alexa skill which is able to turn up/down volume and channels.

But I also have difficulty in that. For some reason the Harmony app does not recognize TV providers inmy country and it redirects me to setup favorites manually. I set them up manually but then Alexa does not see these favorites.
IT rejects to link my account.

Guess I have bad luck today :frowning2:

Theese are power options for a device

You don’t have to setup favorites, unless you want to. As far as volume goes, if you also have a Harmony remote you can use that to control volume. Or the Harmony app in your phone

ok but if I select this , I won’t be able to turn off TV from Amazon Alexa, or SmartThings, am I wrong ?
because in that case it will not turn off TV even if I turn off TV activity ?

It will. I am doing it myself. I actually have 2 hubs, both controlled by Alexa, one directly and one through ST

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thank you. it really does.

I really with ST could control Harmony devices directly as well. I just added my Lasko tower fan to the mix, and the way Activities work, this is a nightmare. I added one and now ST can toggle the fan on and off, but it causes total chaos with everything else. Turns off other devices that aren’t used. Sure, I can set stuff not to turn off, but then when I switch from projector to audio-only modes, my projector won’t turn off, etc. That sucks.

It’s a shame, since it’s right there, and the control works beautifully.

The ‘stay on between activities’ option highlighted above no longer exists. I used to be able to select this on my harmony one, but It’s no longer available on my H. Elite and additional H. Hub?

Unless I’m missing something?

KuKuHarmony is what gave me access to all of my devices in all three of my Harmony Hubs. It runs on a Pi3 and I can control every function for every device in ST. Even has a clever way of syncing on/off of devices based on contacts or power usage.

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Sorry @TN_Oldman I cannot pm you with a new account so have to revive an old thread. Is there any way you can assist me/share the Core script to have the harmony automatically change to the tv activity when another activity is called? I feel like this will solve all my problems with using alexa with my harmony.