Harmony Home Control

Same here…after weeks (if not months) trying to get everything to work. Things are working now. Can’t be a coincidence that this occurred after I updated to the latest version of the Smartthings app…

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It seems the the recent difficulty of connecting SmartThings <> Harmony wasn’t due to any platform changes or Connect App changes but instead inability to authenticate on Harmony.

We’ve been investigating this as we’ve a spike in tickets coming into the support queue and seemed to resolve itself without any changes on our end which leads us to believe it’s a Harmony server issue.

There still is a current outstanding improvement that we need to make where for users with multiple hubs (even orphan ones) need to upgrade the firmware on all hubs in order to authenticate. This is a known issue. Also, hubs that are offline will also cause issues when gathering the list of available hubs.

So if you’re having difficulty:

  1. Ensure that the firmware is updated on ALL Harmony hubs
  2. Ensure that ALL Harmony hubs are online
  3. Power cycle each Harmony hub

If you see any issues with timeout, this means that we’re having difficulty reaching harmony servers and is unlikely related to your individual account.


I just happen to look as things are slow at the office and awesome to see this. I was able to do the connection from work and set up with no problems.

Thank you all for the updates and suggestions!

I am still getting into the new Harmony hub setup, coming from a Harmony One and 900.
I want to be able to control my fireplace with SmartThings, my Harmony can currently control it. I was hoping to just be able to send the on and off command from ST to the Harmony hub but this does not look like how it works, I think I have to use an activity. Now I can do this but think my thoughts maybe be stuck in the old Harmony way. Lets say I turn on my TV with the Harmony remote, with the old remote I would be in the Turn on TV activity and all my buttons mapped accordingly, is this still the case with the hub. The reason I ask is if I turn on the tv then the “Turn on Fireplace” activity gets run from ST to the Hub sometime during watching TV, would my remote still control the TV or would I still be in the “Turn on Fireplace” activity and the buttons on the remote would be mapped for that?

Does that make sense?

Exactly as you thought, its currently my major problem with harmony and smartthings integration - it NEEDS and is crying out for the ability to also map remote buttons - even if it was just several . . . Harmony hates multiple activities… regardless of what anyone says its a poor solution to such a simple problem.


Possibly opens these doors

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Yes, the integration is via activities, not buttons, with one exception.

If you have the harmony home companion button remote, the one without a touchscreen, it has four physical toggle buttons reserved for home control activities. Those four and those four only can be assigned to home automation devices. But only on that particular model. (Or the new Elite re @pd_ )

As far as does using it change to the new activity, yes it does. You have to change back to the watch TV activity to do that. Here’s the faq for setting up the activity triggers.

For me, it’s no big deal, because I use voice via echo to change between activities anyway. So I woukd be saying “Alexa, turn on fireplace.” And then "Alexa turn on cable. " to switch back.

If you have to scroll through a long list of activities, it’s going to be more annoying.

And the new Elite model.

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Thanks for your replies, I’m just glad you understood what I was trying to say :smile:

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the opposite of what I need? The buttons on the remote will let me control ST “things”, right? But not the other way around. The fireplace is not controlable via ST, that what I want to do ultimately.
I really don’t want to have to switch between activities if I can help it. I was just trying to find a way to turn our electric fireplace on and off via ST. The fireplace has to be turned on via the button or IR so an appliance module will not help.
I was hoping the harmony would be my go between but maybe not yet, until we can send individual commands and not just activities.

It depends how you set it up.

If you assign the fireplace activity to a virtual switch on the SmartThings side, you can then assign that virtual switch to a home automation button on the Harmony remote so that toggling it will go to SmartThings, then come back and run the activity.

But doesn’t sound like that’s what you wanted, as it does turn the activity on.

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That does help as I can turn on the fireplace from one of the home automation buttons on the remote but yeah that’s not exactly what I was after. Thanks for chiming in and trying to help me figure it out.

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Note that you can run multiple activities simultaneously on the Harmony, but only one of them can be an “entertainment” activity. You can run multiple “home control” activities.

The post below explains this in a little more depth:

But there would be no way to specify my fireplace as a home control device though, right?

I bought a Harmony Elite tonight and I’ve authorized it with SmartThings but, I can’t see anything Harmony-related in ST. My remote can control SmartThings devices but, my group of GE bulbs behaves weird. It usually only turns one of the three bulbs on and, not always at full brightness. After this happens, I have to power cycle the bulbs for SmartThings to be able to control them again.

This might help if you’re interested in controlling Harmony activities:

As far as the bulb behaviour, haven’t heard that one before, but my Zigbee network was weird all day, no Harmony involvements just devices not responding. I would report that to support.

Unfortunately, no, this is not something you can change yourself,

The best you can do is petition Logitech to change the device definition within their database, but even this may not be possible - there may be an underlying constraint in their software which is why they currently define every IR controlled device as an “entertainment” device when it is obviously not the case. (If your fireplace is controlled via IP rather IR, then go ahead and petition away :smile: ).


Hi Scott, here’s an option depending on what types of activities you use on that TV. Create duplicate TV activities. One with the fireplace in it and one without. If you just want to watch tv, you can press the one without. If you later decide you want it on, you can press the one with it and since everything else is the same no change in buttons or anything. If you have a lot of activity types (cable, Apple TV, bluray, etc) it could be tough.

The home companion remote has 3 dedicated activity buttons, but each can store a short press and long press; so you could map the fireplace ones to long and without to short. If you have more than 3 TV activities, you’d be in a pickle or need the Elite.

Then you could use JD’s virtual switch suggestion to put the fireplace only activity to one of the 4 home control buttons for when you just want the fireplace and not tv.

Lastly because you’d be switching activities but with the same devices, you’ll want to play with the advanced settings for not changing inputs, so you don’t get the input selection flicker when making a change.

Good luck!

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Thanks, I did not think of doing it that way, that may help if what I am testing now does not work out.

I have been messing around with HarmonyHubControl:

which allows we to send commands to the hub to trigger activities and individual commands. I had it installed on a Raspberry Pi but didn’t know how to get from ST to the PI. Right now I found a windows version of it and have it running on an always on PC with EventGhost. Everything is run in a roundabout way so it is not very elegant but does work. I am using the “Send Events to Evenghost” smartapp to send to EventGhost which then triggers the command line for HarmonyHubControl. I have also added it to my Echo so saying “Alexa, turn in the fireplace” will be a big hit as it starts getting colder.
My only issue I am going to run into is if someone manually turns the fireplace on or off as the IR command is just a toggle so I have no discrete on and off commands, things can get out of sync pretty quick.
This is a hack at best (but works for now) and would be great if ST was able to send directly to the Harmony Hub with individual commands :smile:


Couldn’t find my remote this morning so I brought up the app. Unfortunately, all my activities were missing. After stumbling through different menus, I got a dialog indicating the hub firmware needed updating. I’m now at hub version 4.8.24.

Thought I would give you a heads up because the problem isn’t immediately obvious.

In fact I picked up the remote couple of days back and there was a prompt on the remote itself for firmware update. This was a first for me.

The Android app just updated to 4.7 build 11 which may avoid the issue. They changed the color theme for activities.