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Harmony - Alexa integration Official

(Michael Hess) #21

This integration is terrible for ST users. I enabled it for one of my three hubs and pulled the ST virtual switches from Alexa for that hub, we’ll see if it’s better in any way, but we watch almost zero TV, so without volume and play/pause, wtf is the point of this?

You can rename and add “friendly” names to channels and devices, all will import into Alexa, so that’s nice, don’t need to do groups, but I never did that anyway since my Harmony activities are named in ST the way I want them. I have 3 PS3 activities on two hubs so it’s easy in ST to name the virtual switches PS3, PS3 TV, and PS3 Projector and Alexa seamlessly responds to all three. This app gives you that capability for one hub, but who cares? Oh, all the folks with one hub and echo’s only.

Seriously this is only useful for the majority of Harmony Hub/Alexa owners, not us minority folk! :slight_smile:

(Chris) #22

I just enabled the skill, seems like it only does activities and channels. Not helpful for someone who doesn’t have cable and rarely watches broadcast TV. I’d use it if it allowed directional navigation (think DVD and Fire TV), select, play, pause, volume, and channel up/down. As it sits right now, this doesn’t give me anything I didn’t already have.

(Chris ) #23

It needs work but it actually does something I wanted. I can tell alexa to change channels and it does it without changing activities.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #24

What do you say to change channels?

(Chris ) #25

In the alexa app under harmony you can select favorites and you can name each channel multiple things, like hgtv and home and garden and you can use either. Then you say “alexa turn on hgtv” .

(marte) #26

The ability to switch channels is cool and it worked great right out of the box. Wonder why no volume control, at least a mute/unmute.

(João Cautela) #27

But you can change channels by saying “Alexa change channel up/down” or something like “Alexa go to Fox” ?

I´m asking this because in the menus they have in the “Alexa turn on ESPN” (ESPN needs to be in the favorites) doing this what you are doing in reality is changing activities.

" If you have cable, satellite or a Roku device then you can also allow Alexa to jump directly to those channels.

For example, “Alexa, turn on sports” would turn on your TV, set your stereo to the correct input and tune your cable box to ESPN.
Or, “Alexa, turn on the movie channel” could switch over to your Roku and automatically launch HBO."

You are already watching ESPN, are you going to say “Alexa turn on CNN”?

The only “key words” they have in the skill is Turn on or off.

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #28

Am I missing steps it says my living room hub isn’t set up?[quote=“Mbhforum, post:1, topic:61067, full:true”]
I haven’t tried it yet but I am disappointed already. You can only enable it for a single hub(I have 4 and they even say to use Yonomi if you have multiple hubs).

The only advantage this has is you can now control favorite channels or Roku channels.

(Chris ) #29

I don’t view it that way. If I have the activity “cable” turned on and I tell it “turn on ESPN” it does it but my harmony activity is still “cable” . if everything is off and I say it it knows the tv and receiver are off and turns them on. Then I guess it’s activating the “cable” activity.

(Preston Todd Bradford) #30

While it has its issues, I still think adding things like channels and activities will be way easier. Right now it’s a four step process with virtual switches etc. I will still keep my volume up and volume down activities active and kill my specific channel activities. Bad part is, I just tried to enable the Alexa app, it let me configure it but failed to activate. Will try again later.

(Chris ) #31

I’m glad I never went through the trouble of making activities for channels. What do you mean by enabling the Alexa app in reference to the Alexa -Harmony integration? If you mean configuring the Harmony skill in the Alexa app not linking if you try a 2nd time it usually works.

(Preston Todd Bradford) #33

Just X out the friendly nam e on your ABC activity then uncheck that activity. Now add ABC friendly name to the ABC favorite channel. I had the same issues but this worked

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #34

CAn anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here every time I go to enable the skill in Alexa it tells me my hub is not set up and to go to the harmony app? Firmware is update what am I missing here??

(Michael Hess) #35

Retry setup again, the last page of the skill even says you have to run it twice, which I found hilarious. Typical Logitech.

(Chris ) #36

If the software is up to date in your harmony hub then as Michael said you have to enable the skill and sign in again. While I’m at it you shouldn’t have to disable the skill then enable it if you want to edit your activities or favorites. You should be able to edit then just refresh or sync the changes.

(Michael Hess) #37

Yup and I’ve already edited a few, worked fine. But setup did require two login/setup cycles.

(Chris ) #38

I’ve done a few edits and sometimes I have to login twice , sometimes not.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #39

so, to edit anything… we have to disable the skill and then start over… wtf???

(Michael Hess) #40

Yeah, but it saves the settings, at least it has for me the couple times I edited it. I think it works that way so it deletes and recreated the devices to avoid duplicate or old entries.

Maybe skills aren’t allowed to directly edit devices after they are created.

(Chris ) #41

Yes it saves the changes. I went in and added some favorites per my son, linking failed so I logged in again and all changes were there and then it worked.