Hardwired Retrofit Blind Control?

Hey, I’m looking to control my standard chain blinds and would like to use the little motors that pull the chain through a fibaro roller module… i can’t find a blind chain motor that let’s me hardwire it , as in they all seem to be powered using 3 pin plug and have local control …

Has anyone seen an option for what I’m looking for ?


Hi mate, for simple ST integration I’d suggest the Brunt Blind Engine V2. Main issue is the cost eventually after looking over the internet I just bought 3 and the outlay hurt but now it’s done I’m glad because it’s integrated to ST.

Soma Blind controllers apparently also natively integrate with ST, but they are more expensive than the Brunt Blind Engine. This may not be the motor you are looking for but it would be a possible solution to your retrofit blind controls.

There are cheaper blind controllers but they generally only link to Google home which means you can’t see the device in ST to control.

Hope this helps in some shape or form. If you do end up finding a cheaper way using ST would be excited to hear about it!

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

I’m in Ireland so follow uk products…

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