Hardwire Motion Sensor to Ecolink Open/Close

So I have read a lot about linking old exisitng hardwired alarm systems to smartthings, and I have been using the EcoLink open/close sensor to monitor the doors/windows no problem. I am having a weird issue with the motion sensor:
The sensor shows 3 lights when it detects, and from what I read this is what they mean:
Amber - motion
Blue - infared
red - both
When I have the sensor hooked up, it shows as closed, and shows open properly if I set it off as just amber or just blue. But If I set the sensor off on red, which should be the main way its set off, it doesnt register. Anyone experience this, or try this? Do I need to wire it up differently? Is this similar to why I also cant get the ADT smoke detector wired in right?