Hardware Announcements

A place were we can post updates and get feedback on various hardware progress and revisions.

We’ve made updates to contact sensors and motion sensors yesterday and are working on fixing bugs in the PIC firmware to try to improve stability of the end-to-end application. We’re logging improper activity that we can use to pinpoint any problems.

We’ve made some more progress on knocking down RF emissions from the latest design. There’s still one frequency that’s a concern and we’re going to ask for a schematic review from the RF experts on how to minimize that as much as possible prior to any further FCC tests.

Once we’ve fixed as many PIC bugs as we can we’re going to get some basic firmware into the contact and motion sensors and test them out electrically. The ZigBee developer is ramping up quickly and he will have improved contact sensor code soon. We’re going to ship him one of our Ember ISA3 programmers and a hub so he can test.