Hard Wire Nest Cameras

(Fernando Herrera) #1

Has anyone spliced a out door nest camera to a power line in the house?

(Ray) #2

You mean instead of using the nest power adapter? It’s a 100-240AC to 5VDC 1.4 A so you do need the adaptor. You could splice the 5VDC from another source but depending the distance.

(Fernando Herrera) #3

So it can be spliced in after the USB connector box directly in to the house power?

(MacTechGenius) #4

I am powering mine with poe

(Fernando Herrera) #5

Can you explain further about the POE, as in how?

(Ray) #6

Your house power is 110VAC. The camera is 5VDC. So NO. Don’t splice it to your house power. Unless your house power is 5VDC.

Like this one?

(MacTechGenius) #7

Yup! Like this but I am using a nest cam outdoor instead: