Haptic feedback new smartthings app?

Does the new app not have haptic feedback when you turn on/off a device from the favorites?

The old app would vibrate when you selected a icon. This is on iOS.

No haptic feedback as far as I can tell. I just wish they would fix some of the basic UI issues like dimmer controls, rearranging devices, rooms, and changing room wallpaper that doesn’t “stick” (next time you open the app you have to do it all over again).

Something tells me they’d mess it up if they did add it. They’re struggling getting the basics to work … you know, like responsiveness to taps, scrolling, etc. Then there’s the actual functionality that doesn’t work yet …

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I don’t get the need for the new app what was wrong with the old one? Why not just update the older app to keep things simple now there are two just makes things more complicated.