Happy New Year 2017!

As our UK friends and others across the world have already moved into 2017 and the US is fast approaching it on the east coast, I’m sure everyone would like to wish everyone else a Happy New Year!

May your automations be reliable and your integrations be extensive! Here’s to continuing to spend $$$'s on an addiction! :smiley:


just having fun here…


Might be an idea to attach a somewhat ‘not safe for work’ note to that! :smiley:

Happy New Year!


Hilarious. :smiley:

Happy New Year all!

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Happy Ne…{Your hub is offline}


Let’s all also remember to say a big thank you (because I forgot!) to ALL of the awesome developers on this community for the hard work and unpaid time they have contributed making SmartThings what it is! I’m not going to tag any specific developers because there are FAR too many and I don’t want to miss any!

I also want to say a big thank you to the SmartThings team themselves, they put in a lot of work and without them, we wouldn’t have a SmartThings platform either. So much love to all of you, hub offline, missed routines and all! Still my favourite home automation platform by far!


Absolutely! My comment above was in jest, I’m actually loving my ST setup, thank you to the ST team and all the official and unofficial devs out there!


I thought it was pretty funny to be honest :smiley:


Ringing in the new year with the following devices on my ST Hub… :joy:http://media.riffsy.com/images/dcbc8232a9328464ea70d56b1074ca19/raw

  • Honeywell TCC 6000 Thermostat
  • Mobile Presence (x3)
  • SmartPower Outlet
  • SmartSense Moisture Sensor
  • SmartSense Motion Sensor
  • SmartSense Multi Sensor (x4)
  • Wemo Maker
  • Wemo Switch (x4)
  • GE Z-Wave Switch
  • ZigBee Bulbs (Wemo) (x14)
    Happy New Year to all…!

Happy New Year

Alexa, sing Auld Lang Syne
sings "Should old acquaintance be forgot… "

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I hope everyone had a great and safe night! Here’s a New Years Resolution which I’m sure a lot of you should also make:

For 2017 I vow to install and finally integrate all those extra devices I brought but haven’t gotten round to using yet, before I buy any other projects! I have Schlage locks that I have had for a year but never installed, that’s my first project!