Hank One-Key Scene controller doesn't play well with Smartthings

I have recently purchased a Hank One-key scene controller that I have some difficulty getting to work.

I have successfully connected it to the Smartthings hub and it shows up as a Z-wave device. I have also no problem adding the One-key to a room or otherwise handle it in the Smartthings hub.
But when I try to set it up to turn off and turn on lights and powerplugs I can’t get that to work.

I use the Smartapp “Smart lighting” and configure it as in the included link below.

There is no way to select button in “select trigger” only switch.

Where “PC” is a Fibaro powerplug and “Lightstrip” is a Philips Hue lightstrip” and the “Computer button” is the Hank One-Key scenen controller.
I have no problem controlling these two lights with voice (Google home) routines/scenes or separately within the Smartthings android app.

What am I doing wrong?
Is the Hank one-key scene controller able to control lights in Smartthings?
I have paired it as a non secure device and I have done the “testing z-wave network range” test with good results (solid green light)

Manual for the controller is here:

Have anyone any experience using the Hank one-key scene controller?

Appreciate any help in this matter,

As the device product description mentions, this is not a “switch” this is a central scene controller, which in smartthings will be a “button controller.”
However, it is using central scene commands, so it’s going to need custom code. Then it should work fine. :sunglasses:


You could also use it with Z wave direct association if all you want is on/off of another Z wave device in the same room. That wouldn’t require special code, but you do need another device to set up the association, typically a minimote. ( since this is a battery operated device, you unfortunately can’t use the Z wave tweaker for this step.). And you might get synchronization issues because the hub would not be told when the target device went on or off. So it was me, I would go to custom code route instead.

If somebody wants a place to start, the Fibaro button should be very similar, just strip out the double tap code and the other features that the hank does not have. You won’t be able to use that DTH directly, it’s just a base someone might use to create new custom code for the Hank device.

Note that most of the button devices available that work with SmartThings are zigbee, you won’t be able to use any of those device types. You need something which is zwave and using central scene commands.

Thank you JDRoberts.
This was very helpful indeed.

I however is not that knowledgeable in making custom codes and are quite frankly only after an on/off switch/button to place on my computer desk to manually switch on/off the computer screen (with the fibaro plug) and surrounding HUE lightstrip for the times I don’t want to make an audio command thru Google home.

Ok, I will have to get into the central scene commands to try and figure this out.

Again, thank you!

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Are you using a US or a UK model hub?

In either case, see the following list of buttons and remotes that have been demonstrated to work with smartthings. Each post will be labeled if it is available for the US, UK, or both. So you might find something else there if you don’t want to wait for a custom code solution.

Or if you do come up with a DTH that works for the Hank button, let us know, and we can add that to the FAQ as well. :sunglasses:

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I’m using a UK model hub.
Great article, I will be read that for sure.

Speaking of buttons, I just received an update from the Flic team regarding there flic hub that is apperently ready for shipping.
I might have a solution to my problem just right around the corner smile

Best regards,


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I like the flic buttons and use them myself. In my case I have them paired to a tablet which acts as the home automation controller on that side of the house. Just remember that even with the bridge you do need an Internet connection to make them work with SmartThings since they are using IFTTT.

I am a beta tester for the Flic Hub. It doesn’t have a SmartThings interaction option. They tell me they tried to reach out to SmartThings but seem to have had difficulties. I am trying to get my hub to work my SmartThings Lights and Switches using the SmartThings API. If I can get it working I don’t see why the Flic Developers can’t use that. They would just need us to enter 1:Bearer Token 2:Device ID 3:Action to request.

I wish someone inside SmartThings dev team would work with them to get a dedicated interface. I really don’t think it would be hard at all.

Hello and thank you for the update,
Damn, that wasn’t what I wanted to read, I was hoping that the Flic hub system would interact with Smartthings.
I keep my fingers crossed that you and all the other wizards in this forum will figure something out so me and my fellow Mugglers can use the Flic hub together with Smartthings.

I have but one simple request and that is to be able to push a battery powered button to turn of a light or a plug in Smartthings wuithout doing a lot of coding in the process.

I will try to mail the Smartthings people and ask them to reach out to the Flic team.


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IFTTT still works but I really wish I could have the flic hub talk to SmartThings hub locally. Seems ridiculous to be uses cloud for two hubs on same network. There should be a direct to ST hub API.

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Okay, I just bought one of those just to try it out. I have never created my own DTH, but I guess it’s a first time for everything. Judging from the reported values for the device, it seems pretty straightforward what I need to parse to get the basics working.

keyAttributes 0 is single click, 2 is hold and 1 is release after hold. Battery seems to be just a raw number between 1 and 100. sequenceNumber is just a counter, and reserved11… no clue. :smiley:

The button itself is pretty great though. Charged via USB, and about the same size as the Xiaomi Buttons. A lot more expensive of course, but as my Z-Wave mesh is more stable it might be worth it.

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You’ll be able to get help with writing a DTH if you post in the developer section of the forum. Also the following thread might be of interest:

Hello and great to know that you are in the process of making a DTH for the button.

Looking forward to trying your DTH when it´s ready.


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Haha, don’t hold your breath! I honestly haven’t programmed anything for the last decade or so. If someone else has better knowledge, please go ahead! :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it though, starting with the thread linked by @JDRoberts above. Thank God its Z-Wave and not Zigbee, otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Well then, knock yourself out. I take no responsibility for injuries, though. :wink:

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I installed the DTH and assigned a scene to it. If I press on the button in the app, the scene activates and deactivates but not on the physically button. Any idea? I am using the one-button setup.

Thank you Emil for writing the DTH!
ST finds it and I can add it as a button but it doesn’t seem to work when I added it to a scene. When I push it, nothing happens. It can be me just doing it wrong cause I’m really new with this but have you figured out if it functions as it should for the 4 button-controller?

Niklas Wall