Handling ZWave Transmit Failure

In my edge driver, I’m sending multiple ZWave commands in a row.
I see (in the logs) that the commands are queued for radio transmission, and after a while I’m seeing transmit status messages.
Sometimes, these transmit status indicate failure.
“Z-Wave command(6e4123cb) transmit status: TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_FAIL”

This entire thing happens asynchronously, so in code, I don’t have a way to handle these transmit errors (e.g. retry).

Is there a way to subscribe to these errors, or maybe register some retry logic?

I noticed that in old DTH drivers there was a delayBetween() method, and it was used for sending multiple commands in a row (maybe to mitigate these transient errors?).
Is there something similar in the edge driver framework?

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Following up on this question.
@JoeJoe, the team mentioned that these failures in the messages transmition depend on the network congestion. As there’s no function like delayBetween, we suggest you use call_with_delay with a delay of 3-5 seconds approximately, depending on the behavior you observe.