Handling data from httpGet in Smartapp

I am writing (trying) an app to connect ST to my Netatmo thermostat, using the weather station Netatmo Connect as a starting point.

My problem is that when I extract data elements from the http response, it always seems to be strings surrounded by square brackets, rather than numerical values.

Is there something basic/obvious that I am overlooking, or is more information needed about my code to explain the issue here?

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I discovered the solution, using .join() was the missing piece of code


Hi. Did you publish your Netatmo Thermostat device type somewhere? I bet that there are tons of fellow smartens (my humble self included) that would be delighted to be able to get their hands on the code :slightly_smiling:

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@TheBluProject this is still at very early stage, I have only completed POC getting set point, heating mode and current temperature, plus the all-important OAUTH connection. I will work on controlling setpoints, and other features before releasing it.

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+1 on the code request! Lol! Willing to be a guinea pig!

+100 on this, have you evolved it?