I have wasted a load of time trying to find out any information about handlePostV3 and support were a complete waste of time.

Can anyone point me in the direction of any information?

I receive a debug message with “handlePostV3” but do not know where it originates or how to handle it!

where are you getting the term handlePostV3?

Hi Anthony,

Directly from the smartthings log. The source shows as Amazon Alexa (UK) but there is no documentation as to what I receive or how to handle it.

I am guessing at various parameters. It is related to sendEvent and also to some pollling mechanism in when the device is in focus in the Alexa app.

Any hep appreciated.

Hi Anthony,

I have managed to get rid of the errors created by sendEvent for things like temperature change by adding a thermostat mode in all events even where this is not modified or in my view necessary. I will check on valid values next.

Those errors created by the Alexa app polling still exit. This feels like it is down to me not having a handler for the request but I have no idea what the entry point is. It is not parse.

Any ideas would be great.