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Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

(Dale C) #187

I can answer that for you. “Unfortunately” they don’t have repair parts to sell for these Universal Ceiling Fan remotes. They will replace a defective one for you under warranty but that is all. Our only option is to purchase the kit. The reason is because of the high markup placed on individual repair parts.

The good news for you though is HomeDepot currently has a 20% promo running that includes the Universal Ceiling Fan Wireless In-Wall Control so it’s only $28. Compare that to the $35 they are asking for just the remote on a repair parts order and you are way ahead. :grinning:

Promotion Details
Price Valid : 03/31/2017 - 05/01/2017
Save 20% with promo code “LIGHTING2017”

(Emerson Vier) #188

I installed this remote, when I enter in my room I cannot see only LIGHT button and is easy to press POWER(is big) then turned on FAN and LIGHT, but I only want LIGHT then I need turned off FAN.

Any tip how to tun on LIGHT only?

(Dale C) #189

Sure, push the LIGHT button and not the Master ON-OFF… :grinning:

Ok seriously I know what you mean. You walk into a dark room and you can’t tell where that LIGHT button is and it is easy to push all the wrong buttons because nothing is backlit due to it being a battery powered device.

Here are your tips:

  • You could buy some Glow-in-the-Dark Stars and stick one on the LIGHT button. Not only would it glow the correct button but you could even do it by feel alone if the switch was around the corner.
  • If you don’t like the look of the glowing star aesthetically then adhere something you hardly see like a braille bump that allows you to feel you are on the correct switch in the dark.
  • Or use a drill and barely drill into the plastic LIGHT button tile to allow your fingers to feel the indentation
  • You get the idea, use anything on the button that allows you to be able to feel you are on the right button to trigger the LIght.

(Emerson Vier) #190

@dalec Funny guy :joy:

Thank you for your tip.

I am I think about Xiaomi button are very BIG…

(Dale C) #191

I just got my second zigbee receiver and thought I would try it for those wanting to not use the remote for pairing and I was able to confirm you absolutely can pair the Zigbee receiver without actually having the wireless remote control. The steps are as follows.
-The fan needs to be unpowered from the switch or the breaker.
-In SmartThings app go to the Things menu and scroll to the bottom to click on the “+ Add a Thing” link.
-Apply power to the zigbee device via the breaker or wall switch. Give the device a minute to turn on and for SmartThings to find it automatically in your app. You will notice the fan turn on and the light will blink when pairing is successful (assuming you remembered to set your pull chains to be ON) and simply clik on OK for the paring and you are done.

You will see both the KOF Ceiling Fan and the KOF Ceiling Fan Light show up as new things in the Things list. However for the maximum wife acceptance factor you will want to choose one of the compatible wireless remote options to operate the fan/light without needing your phone or put Alexa/Google Home nearby. :grinning:

(Dale C) #192

Just got my smartapp modified to work with this zigbee receiver. The Github download is located here

This smartapp was modified from one I did for the only option we had before now which were Z-wave fan controllers from GE or Leviton. More details on the app are located here.

Ceiling Fan Recommendation (for use with ST)?
(Paul Champagne) #193

Thanks again Dale. I was waiting for this.

Just to clarify, these are 2 different smartapps right? We still need to use the original if used with a GE wall controller.

(Aldo) #194

Has anyone found another solution for in-wall remote? The way remotes disappear in my house a handheld is out of the question, and I’m not crazy about the one being touted here. it is irregularly shaped so will not accept a decora plate, and it seems silly to mount it in a light switch receptacle and NOT be AC powered. Not to mention the waste factor of tossing out the included receiver (just feels wrong).
(And it wouldn’t matter anyway, as I just checked and it is not sold in stores now, nor available to ship to my zip code! Argh!!)

(Dale C) #195

Yes that is correct. the original is 3-Speed designed for the GE Z-Wave and the new one is called 4-Speed and designed for the Zigbee MR101Z by Home Depot. They look practically identical so if you accidentally install the wrong one the title gives it away plus you won’t be able to find your fan to select for control. I am working on making it a single app eventually

(Dale C) #196

As a matter of fact, YES. I have four kids . . .some work better than others when in use. :joy:

But seriously I am not aware of an alternative solution unless you consider using a button type controller. The Remote In-Wall switch is slightly wider than a standard Decora but it isn’t too hard to cut it away about 1/8" to have it fit. Here is mine on the left next to a multi-tap HS-HDS100+ that I use to have as the primary control for my ceiling fan via the multi-tap operation.

(Aldo) #197

I assume you mean something like this:

Yeah, it’s nice that it’s AC powered but it’s a shame it’s so ugly. I might have to put up with battery power I guess. I was thinking of a scene controller but I believe I read @Dalec’s comments elsewhere that it doesn’t work properly…
By the way how bright is the led on the “universal” version? Does it stay on while active or only when pressed?

(Dale C) #198

No not at all! You don’t have any options using wall fan controller. I am talking about any button controllers that work with SmartThings. The picture I posted is an example of one on the right, the HS-WDS100+ is a dimming wall switch with button functions using multi-tap. So a tap UP could be turn on the light, a double-tap up could turn on the Fan to LOW, a triple tap UP could turn Fan on to HIGH, etc

Read this FAQ that can show you other options to control a Zigbee ceiling fan device instead of using the the more traditional wireless in-wall remote which you didn’t like.

(Colt Cottrell) #199

I’m having some trouble pairing my receiver. After turning on the power and going into pairing mode on my smartthings app it shows up as a “Thing” only. I am able to re-name it then select ok. In the my home section on the app the “thing” that I renamed to “bedroom fan” just states “please wait” It seems that it is stuck on this screen. Here is what smartthings device list on the web interface says about it:

Thing Device Bedroom Fan
Name Thing
Label Bedroom Fan
Type Thing
Version Published
Zigbee Id 0022A3000016B9E6
Device Network Id 6A51
Hub Home Hub
Last Activity At 2017-04-28 9:50 PM MDT
Date Created 2017-04-28 9:50 PM MDT
Last Updated 2017-04-28 9:52 PM MDT
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: King Of Fans, Inc.
model: HDC52EastwindFan
Raw Description 01 0104 000E 00 07 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0202 02 0003 0019
Current Version: 0x0000000F
Target Version: 0x0000000F
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2017-04-28 10:07 PM MDT - Check Now
Current States No states found
Events List Events
In Use By

Any suggestions?

(Mark) #200

Did you install the custom device type handler? You have to change the device type from generic “thing” to the correct device type.

(Stephan H.) #201

As @marktheknife stated you need the custom Device Handler (3 total). Please see details and install instruction in this thread.

[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

(Colt Cottrell) #202

Thanks, it works perfectly now! I must have missed that step up above.

Do you know by chance what frequency the controller and remotes use?

(Colt Cottrell) #203

Found the answer to my own question. According to FCC database it is frequency range 304.25-304.25 MHz
just FYI if anyone else has the same question

(Dale C) #204

curious what do you need the info for?

(Colt Cottrell) #205

So I can compare it to other remotes/fan controllers that are on ebay/amazon etc. If I can find one that uses the same frequency range for less $$ than buying the one that you linked. Also to see if it is in the RF range that the broadlink RM-pro will operate.

(Mark) #206

This is good to know. Might have to go with another in-wall switch when I finally get around to ordering the receiver from the replacement parts line.