Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

Listed as WInk Compatible, and its Zigbee,…

Hopefully we should be able to get it working with ST :wink:


This is really nice. I hope someone can make a device type for this, or maybe ST will partner up with Hampton Bay as well.
Wink also partnered with Home Decorators as well, and they are coming out with a fan with an already included antenna. it doesn’t say on the website, but it has be either Z-wave or Zigbee.


Very cool! Hopefully it’s not a proprietary ZigBee protocol.

Wow seems like been waiting forever for this. Very interested to see if we can integrate it.

A little off topic but somewhat related. On the GE Zwave fan control switch, how does that work if the fan has a light fixture?

GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control

It does not control the light. You need a separate switch if you have 3 wires (14/3) going to the fan… on a single circuit (14/2 or 12/2) there is no option to control a light with a GE Switch


Right, if you have 2 independent switches one for light, one for fan. GE 12730 and 12722 are fine. Its where you’ve only got the one switch that this would help out. I also appreciate that unlike a micro controller or dual relay, this appears to still have the remote and thus I assume means you can still use RF is SmartThings/Wink is acting out.

This solution appears to meets all my needs as discussed here
Yet Another Fan Question:

i was seriously considering moving to Inseton for this functionality :wink:

Glad i don’t have to

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I agree! And the price is so inexpensive for that fan with integrated controller at HomeDepot at $119? Something is just too good to be true.

It would be nice if this works with ST. I’ve been wanting a good fan controller. As far as I know (which isn’t far), Wink isn’t proprietary like the first version of Iris was.

“Out Of Stock Online”

NO! Do want in stock!


It is about time someone came out with a smart fan control!!!

If this works ends up working with Smart Things I’m in for 2 maybe even 3. :slight_smile:

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The price is a bargain if you think about it. People are spending $80+ to bury a fan switch and separate relay in their ceiling along with a Minimote.


I’m glad I’ve procrastinated the fan in my bedroom and light switch automation, because of this.


HomeDepot said it should be available some time in June…


It has suddenly disappeared from the website. D:


I am chomping at the bit for one of these. Stalling on fan-light control by multiple modules.

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I just got tired of waiting for the Hampton Bay fan so I thought I would get sneaky and order just the Wink receiver (J) and remote control (K) as repair parts from Home Decorators directly.

My guess is that the controllers are identical and both fans come out of the same factory just branded differently. Anyway I called the 800 number and on the phone they tell me the fan is too new and they don’t have the parts available for ordering yet.

And to make matters worse, it turns out I couldn’t even order the entire fan if I wanted because even though it is on the website I couldn’t find a zipcode for a HomeDepot in my entire state that actually stocks them to be ordered :confused:

UPDATE 10/2016
I called the parts department 1-800-283-6513 to order the Wink receiver(J) and remote control(K) only. I am told now that they will cost $80 and should be available by the end of November.

When these Wink fans come in and IF we can make them work with ST I am also thinking the best option for me is to get this.

UPDATE: Yes, this is compatible with the ZigBee controller. I’ll post a video in my review of First Impressions.
Hampton Bay wall mounted switch and have it work along with the included table remote.


DOUBLE nuts - you are making me track this undead thread again!

I have an old Hampton Bay ceiling fan (very nice, heavy but NOT classic with oil-bath sleeve bearing) in the bedroom. Recently I tried to squeeze 3 modules into the fan base housing and almost used a hammer, trying to keep using a wireless nonZwave fan controller with wall remote - gave it up for now. The only improvement was, I oiled the SEALED bearings and now it doesn’t even slightly tick - the silence may actually be worth the hassle. Making fans perfect, is tricky - oil is not great bearing lube so I hope it stays silent for a couple years.

it should work with 2 modules (1x GE fan WALLswitch and 1x Aeon Micro Dimmer) - but I thought the same thing about 3 modules.

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