Halo voice problems

Hi. Just bought 3 new Halos. The first two connected flawlessly but the third has communication problems! The voice is garbled, chattering and at times sounds like Hal the computer at the end of “A Space Odyssey” (no joke). It ultimately connects but the voice never recovers and,yes, I have the latest firmware. I’ll just return it tomorrow but wondered if anyone else has run into this? Oh, and I just used the Halo app…any ideas regarding which app it runs better on? Thanks everyone.

Take a look at the thread below. I haven’t seen anyone with garbled voice issue, but I have seen (myself included) issues where there is no voice at all. Someone from Halo is on the other thread and has done a great job with helping people. Cheers!

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I believe we have resolved your issue, but if not please contact our Customer Support team. This is a easily resolvable issue.