Halo Smart Smoke Detector

I’m glad to see this level of support for a discontinued product


Thank you!

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This is awesome news - thank you very much!!

Hi all - i have had 5 halos installed for over a year and i realized i have one more unopened that i needed to install.

I have it installed and it announces that it is ready to connect and to use the application to add it.

I cannot get the classic app to find it however. Does this have anything to do with being migrated recently? Am i going to be hosed on this one or am i missing something? if i remember correctly the other 5 were pretty effortless to set up even after the company went under.

Thanks much

The migration process has nothing to do with it. Use the new app to add a device and select scan nearby. You may need to press the test button to initiate the join process.

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Thanks John

I did try in both versions of the app.
I also reset the device and ensured it was in a state to be discovered.

Still no luck - It was never before opened, i wonder if the factory firmware is a problem. I even tried with the V3 hub in the same room.

Thanks again!

It could be one of the Halo test units. Halo smart labs sent out test units before shipping their kickstarter units and those test units did not work with ST

Your post reminded me to try again. Sure enough it connected right away.

Maybe it was focused on getting the old onboard battery up to charge.?

Thanks all

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My unit is showing WR test failed. This means it isn’t connecting to the radio? Is that correct?
I don’t care that much EXCEPT it gives an annoying beep once and awhile.
Thing is it is tuned to the correct station and was receiving alerts up until the other day just fine…

Someone please tell me how I can shut this thing up

Tagging @steven.green just in case it’s something in the device handler that needs to be tweaked.

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I think it was my device. I replaced it with a new one I had sealed in the box and the issue was resolved.