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Halo Smart Smoke Detector

(Mark) #261

sorry, haven’t set anything on fire yet to test that out.

It’s probably like any other smoke detector, if the smoke goes away, the alarm stops. You should email Halo support to get a definite answer.


The latest firmware I have listed for both the Halo and Halo+ through SmartThings is 0x26090028. Your version appears to be higher than what SmartThings has released.
Same here - ver xxx28 on both of my Halos too (neither of mine are “+” model)

Hmmm…that’s odd–I never connected my Halo detectors (non-plus models) to the official Halo app–thus, the only updates they’ve received have been via SmartThings—I wonder how I can have a different firmware than all of you?..

(Jimmy) #263

They probably came with it

(Chris) #264

Anyone have an issues with their Halo’s making a buzzing/humming sound. I thought it was a improperly wired neutral from some work done by a lazy electrician, but I fixed that and it still persists. Thoughts?


Mines been on for a few months now with no issues. If you can take it down and strip an old power cord and plug it in that way ans see if it still makes noise.


Halo smoke alarms cost $129 each while regular smoke and CO detectors cost about $35. My house has 5 or 6 of them, I integrated them to ST for $43, see this post

(Mark) #267

It’s the Halo+ that’s $130. Halo (without the weather alerts) is $100. And since they’re available at Lowe’s you can always use promo codes to drop the price a little further.

(Jeffrey Bittel) #268

For those looking to purchase a Halo +, I received an email from Halo stating they hoped to have them in stock in 4-5 weeks. Not sure if this includes distributors like Lowes or not.

(Jason) #269

I have a couple of these I haven’t installed yet, What’s the consensus from those that are using them? Reliable stand alone? Reliable in ST?

(Christopher) #270

I’ve had 7 of them installed for over year and integrated with ST. No issues and I’ve been very happy with them. The wife has set one off a couple of times with the cooking and I got alerts on my phone and was able to clear it. I hope this helps!

(Jason) #271

Do you have the ones with weather alerts? Can you turn the alerts off on some devices, but leave it on on others?


Each Halo+ device is configurable for which alerts you’d like to receive. You can turn some or all off or on. The weather notifications are local alert radio broadcasts.


I have 11 of these working great for well over a year, and have had zero problems with them, including ST integration. I also use them as night lights in hallways and common areas when motion is detected and lux value from certain light sensors are really low.

(Kavvy) #274

Forgive me for not knowing how the whole home wired detectors work (luckily Ive never had them go off).
If one senses smoke, they all go off, right? Meaning this $43 dollar integration would work regardless where it was wired in the detector network…right?

I ask because I have 11 detectors in my home and cant stomach Halos everywhere. This solution would be perfect!


Yes, when 1 detector is triggered, it sends a current through the red wire to the other detectors. There is a short delay but they all sound if they are operational and if the wiring is correct. The relay will be activated through the red wire just like any detector on the network then activate the ST device (assuming it’s up and running).

(Christopher) #276

I’ve got 1 with weather alerts (Halo+) and the rest are regular Halos.


FYI - These are mostly sold out and expensive online, but I found one at MN Home outlet for $50 ($40 w/ 20% off coupon). For anyone in the MSP metro area I bought it at the Woodbury location. They have one left. You can check their other two locations to see if they have any in stock.

(John) #278

Does anyone know what the story is here? Is Halo Smart Labs done/going out of business? Or is there a new product launch coming? I noticed even their site is ‘Out of Stock’ as is Home Depot, Lowes and Best Buy.

(Toby Cth3) #279

I’m interested in knowing as well. I just purchased one off eBay (only place I could find them) but it appears their Android app doesn’t even exist anymore.

(John) #280

Earlier today, I got notification that the battery in my 4 month old unit was bad and the unit needed to be replaced. Shortly after my post, I wasn’t getting notifications from them anymore and when I went to log into the app, I can no longer log in…this isn’t looking good, especially with ZERO communication to the customer. Now, I don’t even know if my unit is truly bad or if it is because of whatever is going on behind the scenes…?

I did submit a support ticket for the issue of my battery but I have a feeling I know how this is going to end…

[EDIT] Seems like I can log into the app now…