Hackaday.com Article: Samsung Shuttering Original Hubs

Samsung Shuttering Original SmartThings Hubs | Hackaday

They’re about 6 weeks behind as far as”news”—most IOT journalists covered this in May or early June. But the editorial slant is interesting:

Considering the typical home is a decades-long investment, we’d hope that the industry will eventually focus on longer-term approaches to home automation.

They’re wrong on the numbers, though, at least for the US. The typical homeowner has a property for about 8 years, and that’s an increase from 2006.

That said, the fact that you’re likely to move in less than 10 years makes it MORE desirable to have a common standard, so all the old stuff will work in the new house. Like appliance hookups. Keep what’s there, bring your own, or buy new—it should all work together. :thinking: