Hack Fibaro RGBW controller to become a sprinkler controller

The thread you’re referring to, of which I’ve read all of them regarding this topic, has switches for master valves, 16 zones, moisture sensors, local weather reporting etc ad infinitum. It involves coding, relays, switches, a whole ton of stuff and if you’ve read the thread people are still having issues troubleshooting.

I have 7 metre square lawn, with a simple on/off valve connected to a battery operated timer, which I’d like to connect to my smartthings hub. I’m reaching out to the community to see if any one can advise if a simple Fibaro RGBW would be able to do the job, and which kind of battery I would need.
Then I could set my Fibaro to turn on for 5 minutes each night to water the garden, for 60 euros hopefully.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Maybe this is more what you are after?

I found a Rachio Iro 8 zone in Home Depot on sale, never opened, for $63.02! What a steal, so I bought it. Installing this week. Will see how it works out.

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And I just realized I posted this a year ago! Wow, time flies. Thanks for all the solutions. I guess I was just waiting for a cheaper solution. Couldn’t see paying $150 for a device that does way less than my Gen 1 Smartthings Hub, Smartthings is wayyyyy smarter and my family uses it way more than I ever thought they would. I may still invest in a Fibaro controller for under counter led lights and hook it up to my Smartthings.