Hack Fibaro rgbw as shades controller?

I have a few shades and would like to connect them to my smarttthings ecosystem using the fibaro rgbw.
How? As the fibaro rgbw has four outputs I could connect two shades to one controller (one for sending the up command, one for down)x2.
Why fibaro rgbw? My shades do not have any up and down control on them. The only way you can control them is by soldering connectors on the remote control (I have a spare one per shade).
What I would like to know is if there is someone out there that could help me make a device type (I think you also need a smarttapp) so that you have two devices running on one device (a device for one shade with up and down (two outputs) and another for the other two outputs).

I have seen @twack and @erocm1231’s device types/smarttaps but I do not think that there is a way to do this with their device types/smarttaps.

Can someone help me do this?

Is there no one that can help me?

I don’t see how that’s going to work by soldering the rgbw wires to a remote without using dry contact relays. Even that will be a challenge to control individual voltage with device handler and smartapps. Maybe go with harmony remote?

I am basically using the rgbw to control a switch that then controls the shades remote so at the end it is a dry contact.

Maybe check out the Z-Uno. Its basically a ZWave enabled Arduino. This could be easier, and you might be able to control both remotes with one Z-Uno in this case.