HA newbie questions adorne setup options

I am new to HA. Read a couple of posts on here already about adorne switches but they didn’t address my issue.

I have lights wired on a 4 way switch. I want to have an adorne smart wireless dimmer soft tap switch that can be controlled via wifi and set the dimming level. I then want 3 soft tap (non dimming/smart) switches that can turn the circuit on and off and the lights would be dimmed at there last setting.

Adorne smart switches however do not support traveller wires so i would need to buy 4 smart switches @ $70ea. If it were just this one instance i would bite the bullet and spend the money and be done with it. but i have this setup all over my house. it would be ridiculously expensive to replace every switch with a smart wireless switch just because they don’t support traveler wires.

I saw the post about using the nano smart dimmer from aeotech but thats cost prohibitive as well. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas how i could accomplish what i want with 1 adorne smart dimmer and three standard soft tap switches.