H801 controller with WebCoRE. Can someone test something for me?

I have been struggling to get an H801 controller to work as intended with a WebCoRE piston. The piston is quite simple, it simple fades brightness to 0% on trigger. It does as its supposed to and fades, but as soon as it gets to 0%, it turns back on to 100%. According to the WebCoRE logs, WebCoRE isn’t doing it. I have a few H801s around the house and I’ve been able to replicate this behavior on those controllers too.

At this point, I’m suspecting its something in the device handler, but it still maybe something else in my SmartThings network and I’d like to eliminate that possibility. Does anyone have an H801 that they’d be willing to test doing a simple “fade to” WebCoRE piston on and report back if the same thing happens to you too?

Thank you.

@MABeatty1978, I just tried and got some strange results. I haven’t ever used the webCoRE Fade Level command so I don’t know what to compare it to. I have RGBW LEDs. If I start with 100% blue only, when the fade starts, the white LEDs go to 100% and then both colours fade to 10 for blue and 9 for white.

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