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Guide me!, add new device Single Switch 2 FIBARO

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1

I just bought a new device(Single Switch 2 FIBARO SYSTEM FGS 213 ZW5 V3.2) , can you help me add to Smartthings Hub

Thanks very much.


Tagging @RobinWinbourne , he is an expert on these. :sunglasses:

(Robin) #3

You first need to add a custom device type handler (DTH / DH) to your online IDE account… if you’re not sure how to do this look here:

Here’s some code I prepared earlier:

The device needs to be within a few meters of the hub when adding otherwise it won’t add in secure mode and the DTH won’t work.

With the above done, click ‘add a thing’ on the bottom of your things list in the smartthings app.

Then, with the micro module powered up, triple click the switch connected to S1 (or triple click the ‘b’ button on the module itself).

The device will appear on your screen, you can give it a name and click done.

NOTE - ST probably won’t select the correct DTH on its own as I don’t think I listed the fingerprint properly in the code… you’ll therefore need to go back to the IDE, go to the ‘devices’ page and edit the device to use the DTH you added earlier.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #4

I did.
This is a great community.

Thanks @RobinWinbourne @JDRoberts and all!

(Võ Thanh Minh) #5

But has a message when control

(Robin) #6

As per my note above… the DTH fingerprint is wrong in my code and ST has therefore selected a different DTH (You have the one for the double switch selected - 223).

You need to manually select the correct DTH:

Go into the IDE, go to the devices page, click the device, click edit, change ‘type’ to ‘Fibaro Single Switch’… it will be at the very bottom of the drop-down list, separate from the default DTH’s that are in alphabetical order.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #7

Thank you. Great

(Robin) #8

I’ve had a stab at correcting the fingerprint details in my code, so if you update again from my github you should find that future installs auto-select the correct DTH.

I’ve only got one of these particular devices and it’s tied into so many rules that I don’t want to test it, as removing and re-including the device will break all my rules.

(Karim Amer) #9

Kindly, i’ve tried to add the Fibaro to ST but no Sucess, tried the triple click on B switch, as for Clicking the S1, it’s not even active, it isn’t toggling the on off of the lamp connected. by the way i’m using the 2 way switching mode using the momentary wire diagram

tacking in consideration that the ST was around 50 cm from the wall switch

any LED indication? no status changes, LED blink RED when AC power is connected,
the B button toggle the load on and off, so i relay is working, but can’t pair it with ST

please advice,