Guess the day they kill off the Groovy/IDE

Guess the day they kill off the Groovy/IDE

i say October 31st, Halloween. Give some SPOOK to it! LOL

Monday March 8th 2023 at 0900.

Guess the day —> I say it will happen on a ”weekday” (a day of the week other than Saturday or Sunday) :slight_smile:


like kill it off on a friday, so no one is back to deal with the mess until monday

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April 1, 2022, a day to honor those who continue using SmartThings.


Since Christmas Eve Falls on a Friday this year, I’m guessing that date, just to make sure that lots of things break while you have people visiting. :wink:


I think it will be a phased approach. So I’m going with publishing new Groovy DTH or SmartApps killed on Dec 31, 2021, but you can still run existing code, and then totally killed Q1 2022, so March 31 2022.


that would be wise

I guess it would be not that soon.
It will take at least 1 year for the maturation of the new platform.
I guess about Sep 30 2022.

  1. Edge Drivers just started rolling out, and even built in DTHs are not converted to Edge, not to mention of custom DTHs. The built in Edge ST library looks cool, but when it is applied to the devices of the real world, so many exceptional cases are not yet handled. Everything needs time to be stable. Therefore it will take so much time to migrate from DTHs to Edge Drivers.

  2. Rules API still lacks features and UI of webCoRE. I guess this will also take a lot of time.

  3. SmartApps, Schema Connectors in new platform are focused to business users. Community based SmartApps for the new platform are rarely found out there.

Problem is, business users don’t make smartapps and connectors properly, unless these make money for them. See how crappy and buggy the built in tuya connector is, and never gets improved.

If ST kills off the Groovy/IDE before maturation of the new platform, ST will loose a lot of community users, who backs up this platform with custom drivers and SmartApps.

If ST looses community users, then Samsung and Smartthings should take care of all the stuffs that community had backed up before.

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It happens to be the same day I cut over to my Hubitat.

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there are quite a few of us that have a habitat hub, but it isnt perfect either.

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I am going for 18th March 2022 to stop new legacy stuff being created, followed by at least two months of previously unheard from users expressing astonishment that such a thing was happening, and another four months before key things can actually start being turned off.

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They haven’t so far, why start now.

I think Jkp is pretty spot on… Dths at the end of the year and then everything else within a quarter…

so if they stop people from adding new DTH and keep the already installed ones running for a while, whats to stop people from ‘opening’ up 10 blank DTHs and saving them blank now to later drop new DTH in.

Yeah, I picked one up a few months ago, and haven’t dove into it since I plugged it in and upgraded the firmware. I’m old and tired of reworking my home automation everytime someone’s business model changes or a new CTO decides to make their mark by revamping their platform to the latest buzzword technology. I guess when the things I rely on stop working in ST I will force myself to do yet another rework. Right now my requirements are: minimal effort to support my existing functionality, and low risk of disruption of that functionality at the whim of people who don’t live in my house.

Once they remove IDE access, you wouldn’t be able to change your blank DTHs to anything else, even if existing DTHs continue to work.

In my thinking they could remove that page of the IDE, or just disable the ‘save’.



Absolutely. These are eveyone’s needs.

You could have that from any of several different systems, just not from ones like smartthings which can push out updates which you can neither defer nor deny. :disappointed_relieved: