Guardzilla's 360-degree security camera captures it all

The camera also works with Amazon and Google voice control speakers, as well as Nest, IFTTT and Samsung’s SmartThings.

Ouch, won’t record to Blue Iris, and…

The Bad Guardzilla’s motion alerts are sporadic at best, making it an unreliable security device. It snaps photos when it detects motion rather than video (unless you buy a microSD card and even if you do, you’ll have to remove the card to view recordings since there’s no built-in video-clip-viewing feature on the app).

The Bottom Line Guardzilla makes a fine budget webcam, but there are free app solutions like Manything, Presence and Salient Eye that do even more for less.

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Is that based on the new model?

Ahh, right, I clicked the link at the end of the article that linked to the review summary of an older version. Sorry!

check out the below video of Guardzilla’s inaugural product, the $100 indoor Guardzilla cam.

Might be worth a try.

(IFTTT logo was the only not visible in the image above.)

Has anyone had luck with connecting this device? I don’t see it listed on the SmartThings app.

According to guardzilla if it is not in home automation tab of their app it is not supported yet. I realize that this is a reply to a four month old message. Wonder how long they have had works with SmartThings on the website.

I was given one of the original models and after hooking it up I found this.

So I disconnected it. Not sure if things have changed but for now I don’t plan on using their products.