"Guardian Angel" smartapp idea

Hi all,

I have a suggestion about a smart app. The name “Guardian Angel” might be rather indicative about the functionality.

The main idea is that the smart home monitors every open/close, motion, presence, etc. sensor events and feeds a neural net or smth so that it can define a “normal” day as well as an “abnormal” day.

Possible user inputs are:

  1. No of people/pets in the house.
  2. Characterization of day as Working Day/Weekend/Vacation/etc.

The purpose of the smartapp is to be able (after the initial training period) to distinguish between a normal and an abnormal day.

A quick example: Let’s assume someone lives by himself and wakes up at 07:00 every working day and at about 09:00 at weekends. After he wakes up some motion sensors catch him move and then he opens some windows and finally the entrance to his apartment as he leaves for work. The system is anticipating this default behavior on a working day. If however these movements are not registered and no door opens the system should assume that smth abnormal is happening. Therefore some people could be notified about this abnormal behavior.

A second example: Someone goes into the bathroom and after some prolonged amount of time he is still there. It could trigger an abnormal event procedure that could possibly even save his life if for example he accidentally fell and hit his head.

This smart app is directly aimed at people with specific health conditions who might live alone (even temporarily) and want a “Guardian Angel” watching over them without them having to inform friends/relatives in advance about their whereabouts.

Please share any thoughts/comments as well as skepticism about this app idea.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Sounds sort of like the elder care smartapps available in the marketplace

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