GroveStreams SmartApp

I exceeded the monthly allowance of 5MB for a free account… in quite an alarming way. If I wasn’t lucky, I would owe them $80 right now!

I’m using Yves’ SmartApp because it implements the queuing. This is to avoid overhead of individual requests from eating into that monthly allowance.

Sometime in the middle of the night I started getting errors thrown from Grovestreams, such that none of the queue was being uploaded. Everything backed up, and each request kept getting bigger and bigger. Eventually their system noticed and it stopped the uploads. I got a system message:

API Exception: Your GroveStreams account has exceeded the free limits.
Stream data I/O will be blocked until the next billing cycle or a new
pricing plan is selected.

You can configure your payment…

However, it took them a long time to notice. The view from their ‘usage’ page:

It’s a damn good thing I don’t have a payment method on file with them, because this is an overage of 160MB, which would turn into a $80 bill.

Instead, my free account has no ability to upload or graph the data I have for 2 weeks (until the next billing cycle). That’s ok as I was still just playing around with Grovestreams and nothing there was important.

I also did the math; the free plan means the you can only upload about 7000 bytes/hour. You’ll notice I was already exceeding that before this incident. But even if you limit your input to 7000 bytes/hour, you will have no ability to view any graphs of your data, because web site access counts against the 5MB limit.

Since I’m locked out anyway, I’ll spent the next 2 weeks investigating other statistics and visualization tools… without such limits.