Groups to use in Alexa?

Is there something in ST which is analogous to groups in Alexa? They are like rooms, but they are not rooms. For me what they give me is a single name to refer to to either turn a group of lights on or off.

The closest analog is a room… What is it you’re trying to accomplish?

Just that. Being able to say “ Alexa turn of mantel” and “Alexa turn off mantel” - with a group called mantel.

There is an App called Trend Setter that is basically a grouping app. It allows you to add various devices that share the same or similar attributes to a “group” and creates a virtual switch that controls the group functions.

For Example:
Virtual Switch called Kitchen Lights
Kitchen Lights consist of, recessed, island, overhead, under cabinets and accent.

You might need to dig a bit through the thread to find the newest version but I use the one that is posted and it has worked great from the beginning.

You can always cook up your own rules with webCoRE…

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Table a look at EchoSistant. It allows you to create rooms where you have control and feedback of your st environment.

For that particular use case, just continue to use the echo group which you create through the echo app (not the smartthings app) . You can even mix and match smartthings devices with other smart home devices if you have any. It works fine for Alexa voice control. :sunglasses:

As far as grouping things together for control in other ways, smartthings doesn’t do that very well. Consequently there are a number of community created smart apps that do it, with trendsetter being one of the most popular.

You can also use webcore for this purpose.

The most flexible is usually to create a virtual device to represent the group and then have the other devices mirror that virtual device. This has the advantage that you can then include a single device in multiple smartthings groups, just as you can with echo groups, and you can continue to use the single device on its own. And you can control the virtual device with either google home or echo as well.

There is a how to article in the community-created wiki on grouping lights together which shows how to do this with the classic app: